What is Seasonal Work?

If you’ve found your way here, chances are you have an idea of what seasonal work is. If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place! Vagajobs is your quintessential resource for living out your wildest dreams. We know how to do it, we’ve been living passionately for years! Here’s a quick intro to what seasonal work is, and how to use it to make your dreams come true (even during a pandemic).

Seasonal Work Defined.

Unlike a standard, permanent job, seasonal work is employment for a limited amount of time. It tends to be in tourism destinations, which makes it ideal for people that want to travel and make money for future travel at the same time. The best part? Anyone can do it.


A typical summer season will usually run from Mid May/June to August/Mid September. A regular winter season will run from Late November to Mid April. Of course, you may start and end your season whenever you like. However, most seasonal employers will ask for the busiest months to be covered completely. For the winter season, that’s usually December-February and June-August for the summer season.

Jobs in Seasonal Work.

The next big question is, what kind of jobs are there for seasonal workers? The answer is that the opportunities are quite varied. The Vagajobs team have worked as Front Desk agents, Campground Attendants, Whitewater River Guides, Line cooks, Retail Cashiers, Servers, Rock Climbing Guides, Canoe Guides, Wilderness Therapy, and many more. Many jobs also provide Employee Housing, making your transition into the season much more comfortable.

Opportunities In Seasonal Work.

The biggest perk of working seasonally is that you get to know a beautiful area very well for an extended amount of time. When the season ends, you take the money you saved and travel to your next seasonal destination. Being able to travel between seasons is, in our opinion, the most significant upside to seasonal work. The VagaJobs team has driven to the Arctic Circle, Taken month-long Rock Climbing road trips, and backpacked southeast Asia in-between seasons. Seasonal work may be the easiest way to facilitate a life of travel while still working.

Whether you choose the life of a seasonal worker for just one season, or you make it your new lifestyle, it’s certainly worth taking the plunge. We know it’s never really that easy to do, so we’re making it easy. Hope to see you at work!