5 Must-See Spots in Yosemite National Park

1. Tunnel View at Yosemite National Park.

If you’ve seen a picture of Yosemite National Park, it was likely taken at Tunnel View. The viewpoint is the quintessential, grandiose view of Yosemite that everyone searches for. Sweeping Views of El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, and Half Dome are not to be missed at Tunnel View. Get there early, because it’s a very popular spot and parking is liable to fill up quickly!

2. The Mist Trail at Yosemite National Park.

The Mist Trail is arguably the most stunning trail in the park. Be warned it’s steep! If you choose to trek the 8.8 miles round trip to the top of Nevada Falls, you’re looking at some serious elevation gain. 1900 ft to be exact! Never fear, the spectacular scenery will distract you from the uphill toil. You’ll pass Vernal Falls up close enough to feel the mist spraying directly at you. Take a break at the top and have lunch atop the falls in a beautiful setting. Continue up the trail to reach Nevada falls. The sweeping views of Liberty Cap and a peek at the backside of Half Dome are not to be missed!

3. Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Falls is the largest waterfall in the United States, and it is quite a sight to behold. There are many places to see the falls on the valley floor. Yosemite Village has a great view, and the Lower Yosemite Falls trail puts you up close to the lower falls. For the more adventurous, there’s a very uphill trail that goes right to the top of upper falls, with stunning, unmatched views.  We recommend the latter. You can even feel the spray during the hike! 

4. Glacier Point.

Glacier Point offers the most incredible views of Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada fall or any other place in Yosemite. It is especially beautiful and sunrise when the sun peaks over half dome and floods the valley with incredible light. No Yosemite trip is complete without a stop at Glacier Point. There are two ways to get there. The more adventurous way is to take the 4-mile trail, that funny enough is more than 4 miles. That will put you right at the viewpoint. If you are strapped for time or don’t fancy a long, uphill hike, there is a road that takes you up there. You can’t miss glacier point.

5. Taft Point.

Taft Point is the cousin of Glacier Point. The viewpoint is a small, 1-mile walk and transports you to a world of amazing beauty. Taft is the go-to sunset location, with sweeping views of El Capitan. If you’re lucky, you may run into some highliners, or slackliners who’ve strung webbing between 2 points in order to walk the line above 3000 ft of air! Taft Point is accessed from the Glacier Point Road, the same road that takes you to Glacier point. There’s a mid-sized pullout on the left. Note, it can be crowded and parking can be limited.

Yosemite National Park is one of the great natural wonders of the United States and even the world. A trip to the Valley, or even a summer working here should be on every seasonal worker’s bucket list. A season in Yosemite has changed the lives of many, including us on the VagaJobs team. Get to Yosemite ASAP! And before your first hike be sure to check out the most important hiking tips.