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Turpin Meadow Ranch

Moran, Wyoming

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Fall, Summer

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18 Years Old

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2 years

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Job Description

A wrangler's job involves guiding guests on horseback rides with respect while ensuring the safety and well-being of both guests and horses. This job requires physical and mental stamina to endure long days while maintaining a positive attitude. A wrangler will need to brush and saddle up to 20 horses early in the morning, establish mutual respect with clients, maintain composure in all situations, handle unexpected circumstances professionally, build and repair fences, feed and water the herd, maintain pastures, prevent injuries to both humans and horses, provide minor vetting to injured or ill horses, and be ready to complete any task assigned by management. As you can see, the job comes with a lot of responsibility, but wranglers also have a lot of fun. We seek competent individuals with strength and a positive attitude to join our tightly-knit team.

Desired Skills
• Excellent customer service, self-management, and organizational skills
• Strong attention to detail/ability to see tasks to completion on time.
• Familiarity with and a desire to learn new methods for equine handling, behavior, care, feeding
• Responsible, trusting, and honest behavior
• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Initiative and problem-solving skills
• Ability to lift 50 lbs. repetitively.
• First-Aid / CPR Certified
• Patience with guests, your team, and the herd
• A strong love for the outdoors and a desire to immerse yourself in it
• Ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with clients
• Positive, fun attitude while maintaining a professional manner
• Desire to work with all types of people (adults and children)
• Ability to combine a strong work ethic with a good sense of humor

Major Goal:
The team at Turpin Meadow Ranch provides guests with an unforgettable horseback riding experience in Wyoming. They achieve this by prioritizing the health and well-being of the horses, ensuring a safe riding environment, and maintaining a relaxed yet attentive atmosphere. A passion for and immersion in the wilderness culture, horses, and environment are essential qualities for any Turpin Wrangler. The responsibilities and requirements include, but are not limited to:

• Daily horse care, saddling, and un-saddling
• Tack and equipment maintenance
• Barn maintenance and cleaning
• Greeting guests and providing pre-ride safety briefings
• Guest Mounting and Un-Mounting support
• Provide Basic horsemanship training to all riders
• Visiting and mingling with guests around the ranch
• Basic ranch maintenance (fence work, groundskeeping, gathering firewood)
• Moderate to Advanced Western riding skills
• Valid driver’s license
• Satisfactory background check
• Professional and personal references
• Ability to commit to the entire duration of our Summer/Fall Season
• Must represent Turpin Meadow Ranch in a positive and professional manner

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