Lake Tahoe: A True Mountain Paradise

Lake Tahoe: A True Mountain Paradise

With a max depth of 1644 feet, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in The United States, beat out only by Crater lake in Oregon. It’s also the largest alpine lake in North America! The Lake stretches an impressive 71 miles in length and 22 miles in width. Along its shores, you’ll find amazing soft sand beaches, rocky crystal-clear shorelines, and even beautiful turquoise waters that feel like the Bahamas!

Tahoe is known most of all for its fantastic skiing and snowboarding. The Tahoe area has 12 in-bounds ski resorts that average 300-600 inches of snow per year. The terrain and views of every single ski area are nearly unmatched anywhere in North America, let alone California. Squaw Valley is one of the most challenging, iconic, and breathtaking resorts anywhere in the world, hosting the  Olympic Games in 1960.

Winter employment at one of Tahoe’s many ski resorts is very easy to find! When the snow flies, it gets deep quickly. It’s common to see 4+ foot storms in a single night! Riding powder on your lunch break? Inevitable. The Tahoe backcountry is amongst the most stable snowpacks in the United States, so it’s very accessible for ski touring. Can you say untracked backcountry powder a week after a storm? You better, cause you’ll find it!

In the summertime, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Sitting above Tahoe’s south shore is the breathtaking Desolation Wilderness. The most visited Wilderness area in the United States is still very desolate. Most visitors only visit a handful of the over 90 named lakes in Desolation. Wandering off the beaten path rewards the adventurous in abundance. It’s not uncommon to share an alpine paradise with only the towering granite mountains, crystal clear water, and sweet sounds of nature. With the blessing of California’s great weather, sleeping under the stars is nearly always an option. Watching the sunset, beachside, on a pristine alpine lake then falling asleep to a brilliant Milky Way is the way it goes out here.

“To breath the same air angels breath, you must come to Tahoe” -Mark Twain

The cliffs of Lovers Leap invite the most novice to the most advanced rock climbers. Alex Honnold did his very first Free Solo here! Freel Peak begs the peak bagger in us to battle to the summit. The Flume Trail and many other world-class mountain biking trails offer fast and playful riding with the most stunning views around. The lake itself offers brilliant boating opportunities, be it kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, house boating, pontoon boats with a water slide off them, or even a floating skatepark! Tahoe is truly a paradise for anyone that loves being outside. There is something for everyone in the Gem of the Sierra.

But what do you do when you’re done adventuring for the day? Luckily Tahoe is on the border of California and Nevada. You know what that means! Therein lies the perfect recipe for an amazing nightlife scene. Nightclubs, casinos, concerts, legal herb. What else do you need? The Apres Ski scene is on fire, to say the least. Nearly every restaurant sells craft beer on tap, and the amazing breweries and taphouses in town will keep you plenty busy after a long day of work or adventure. Tahoe is a community that loves to have fun, in every way we can think of! 

Tahoe is truly one of the best destinations to work and play. The year-round outdoor playground, good vibes, and abundance of seasonal work make Tahoe the perfect place to spend a working season. The proximity to the Reno International Airport also offers easy access to the rest of the world if you plan on going international in your off-season. 

Enjoy the Gem Of The Sierra and we’ll see you there!