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Summer Camp Chef

Camp Nock-A-Mixon

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

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Camp Nock-A-Mixon is looking for some sous or line cooks to help with meal prep and the kitchen this summer. The camp is located near the Pocono Mountains of PA. It is a coed residential camp that is a single session (meaning all of the kids and staff stay for the entire summer). Overall, we have about 750 people in camp.

The kitchen is managed by 2 chefs who have been with the camp over 10 years, and an office person who handles ordering. Both of those chefs are in the kitchen hands on. The camp could use someone who has some understanding of how a kitchen should run as well as food storage and proper cleaning knowledge. ServSafe is preferred but not required.

The camp also brings in 12 international students to help in the kitchen. Most do not have much kitchen knowledge and are hard working but want to enjoy the camp experience. Your role would be to oversee these helpers along with working with the camp chefs.

Shifts would either be a morning shift which would be breakfast through the end of the lunch service or lunch through the end of the dinner service. You would work an 8 hour day with a day off during the week. Though the shift is hard work, the camp works hard to keep to that time. We want you to enjoy all that camp has to offer. You are welcome to use the pool, climbing wall, tennis etc when not working. Housing would be provided on camp grounds, along with laundry, food and wifi all free of charge. Salary would depend on experience and skill level and could range from $700-$1000 per week.

Check out the camp website www.campnockamixon.com

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