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Fall, Winter

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18 Years Old

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Snowmakers operate and perform maintenance on equipment required for the process of making snow.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Operate, maintain, clean, and relocate snowmaking and adjunct equipment as directed in a safe manner consistent with Sun Valley Company procedures.
-Monitor and document the condition and status of all stationary, portable and stored equipment used in the snowmaking process.
-Provide response to guests' questions and other needs as able in a friendly and courteous manner.
-Communicate closely via two-way radio and other forms of communication with members of the snowmaking crew and other departments to ensure the safe and appropriate conduct of all activities.
-Among others they will use the following tools:
---hand tools
---telephone and two-way radio
---pick-up truck, snowmobile, snowcat, trailers, sleds, other forms of transport.
---ladders and scaffolding
---picks and shovels
---chain and pipe wrenches
---metal detector
---welding apparatus and tanks/regulators
---oils/lubricants/solvents/anti-seize compounds/water-treatment chemicals
---hoists, pulleys, and winches
---snowmaking equipment
---appropriate personal protection equipment (boots, coats, etc.)
---chair lifts
---alpine ski and snowboard equipment
---chain saws
---brush saws

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