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Hotel manager trainee works in the various departments within the hotel to learn about the daily operations within all divisions and departments. The trainee acquires experience in all aspects of managing a hospitality business, including knowledge of seasonal traffic, competition, marketing, sales and budgeting. He or she gains experience in company policies, how to submit status reports, and learns to analyze customer feedback and use it to the hotel's advantage. Like all hotel employees, the trainee needs to be cordial and give excellent customer service. The reviews that the trainee receives from superiors are important to career development.

Focus on Customer Service
Customer service is a high priority of any hotel's staff and is often the most important responsibility of a hotel management trainee. Learning how to interact with clients, field their complaints, and solve their problems is usually one of the biggest parts of the job. Trainee will answer phones, work the front desk, and randomly check in with guests to assess the quality of their visit and to address any pressing concerns.

Housekeeping and Special Services
Trainee rotates through different departments in order to get a well-rounded view of how everything operates. Rotation is widely thought to produce the best general managers. Trainee will spend time managing, overseeing, and participating in the housekeeping department, making sure that all the rooms are clean and well stocked.
Trainee also inspects public areas and the outside grounds to be sure those departments are keeping things clean and presentable.
Trainee learns how to book local excursions for guests and provides restaurant recommendations along with other local attractions.

Financial and Administrative Responsibilities
Understanding basic economics and good business sense is an important part of the training experience. The trainee, under the supervision of the hotel manager, will learn about things like setting room rates, managing advertising, and balancing expenses so that the hotel can make a profit. Trainee will learn how to manage reservations and complete daily booking and financial audit reports.

Importance of Strong Reviews
Managing social media and customer online reviews has become a critical part of doing business. Trainee will learn how to gain positive reviews, mitigate potential negative reviews, and how to respond to all types of online reviews.

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