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Fish Processing/Dock Crew

Whaler's Cove Lodge

Angoon, Alaska

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18 Years Old

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No Experience

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Slicing and Dicing in Remote Southeast Alaska- $3,316.00 / month to start DOE + tips

Far beyond your normal 'line cutting' job, the perfect fit for Whaler's Cove also excels at customer service. Most of the work is done in the processing facility, but there's plenty of face time with guests as well. In addition to filleting fish, you will be responsible for checking for any defects or abnormalities, tracking the fillets for each guest, putting the carcasses into the gut buckets, and labeling goods. You’ll be working with a variety of hand tools including knives, banding machine, box stapler, and vacuum packagers. You will not only use the knives but also sharpen them, as well as maintain other pieces of equipment. You will be responsible for excellent customer service.


The filleting technique depends on whether you're filleting a flatfish or a round fish. To fillet a flatfish, you cut off its head, tail and fins, cut it down the center and cut the flesh off of the bone. This process is repeated three times until the three fillets have been separated from one another. Filleting a round fish involves slicing around one side of the fish’s head, slicing the fish from head to tail, and cutting the fillet away from the body. The filleter then turns the fish over to repeat the process, this time starting from the tail end and working upwards. The fillets are then trimmed, meaning the fins at the bottom are removed. We process over 60,000 lbs of fish per season.

Work Conditions

Our fish filleters work on our fish processing dock. You will spend most of your day standing up and are likely to have to spend extended periods of time working on rainy days/evenings. We're located in the largest temperate rainforest in the world! Our freezers are below 28 degrees Fahrenheit, so reptiles need not apply. A fish filleter is required to do heavy lifting as part of the job. Each of our packed and wrapped fish boxes weighs 50 pounds.


Must be over 18 years of age
Preferred High School Graduate or GED
Preferred processing and fillet experience
Must be able to work 6 days a week
Hours vary throughout the day depending upon the quantity of fish processed.
The monthly Salary starts at $3316 per month; Depends On Experience
This position qualifies for TIPS.
This position provides a private room (with a shared bathroom) and board. Our employees get to enjoy the same delectable meals our guests eat!
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TO APPLY: Email your resume and cover letter to WCLAPPLICANT@gmail.com Feel free to call 907-723-3901

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