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Field Logistics Technician

Utah Conservation Corps

Moab, Utah Logan, Utah Cedar City, Utah

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18 Years Old

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1 year

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Field Office Locations: Logan, Utah | Cedar City, Utah | Moab, Utah

Term of Service Dates: February 1 – November 20, 2022

Schedule: Full-time commitment, hours & schedule vary week to week. Approximately 50% time in the field; 50% time in the field office. Percentages are general and are subject to change based on office and field needs throughout the year.

• AmeriCorps Living Allowance of $1,100.00 paid twice per month
• Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, $6,345.00 (available upon successful completion of term)
• Health Insurance benefit of up to $100.00 a month on new plans through the Marketplace on
• Professional Development Training Fund: $500.00 available for use during term of service
• Forbearance on qualifying student loans while in service
• Conservation Leadership Experience
• Wilderness First Responder Certification
• Option to qualify through UCC National USFS Chainsaw Program as an A faller, apprentice
• Utah Non-commercial Pesticide Applicator License
• Member Assistance Program


The UCC Field Logistics Technician (FLT) position focuses on providing leadership and support to multiple UCC field crews and assisting UCC field staff in execution of seasonal trainings and logistical coordination. The FLT is an integral member of UCC field operations, ensuring that UCC field crews are adequately trained and prepared to perform high quality conservation service in a positive, safe, and productive environment. Support of field crews and operations may include (but is not limited to): working with crews at their project sites, assisting with training crew leaders and members, performing project site visits, managing logistics for standard and specialized crews, maintaining tools and equipment, data entry and administrative tasks in the field office, and assisting with crew member recruitment efforts. The FLT is also responsible for working alongside regional staff to develop positive, lasting relationships with project partners.

The UCC FLT term of service is approximately 10 months, spanning 3 field seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall). This position involves frequent travel, camping, irregular hours, and a varying weekly schedule. The FLT must have strong leadership and communication skills, flexibility, capacity for self-direction, a passion for conservation work, and a desire to provide mentorship to emerging conservation leaders.

The FLT begins their term of service in early spring, prior to UCC Crew Leader Candidates (CLC) beginning their service. During this time, FLT’s are oriented to their position and field office, and will assist regional staff with preparation for spring training. FLT’s will participate in the spring training period alongside CLC’s. After the spring training period, conservation projects will commence for the remainder of the spring season (March – May). Field Staff and FLT’s will provide extra attention to debriefing projects, helping CLC’s refine tool and project techniques, attending to areas of individual growth, and teaching the full responsibilities of the UCC Crew Leader position.

The Utah Conservation Corps supports FLT’s in gaining advanced conservation corps leadership experience and attaining high level technical skills training during their term, while interfacing with in-field operations and field office administration.

See https://www.usu.edu/ucc/files/2022-ucc-field-logistics-technician-position-description.pdf for all details.

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