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Summer - Year Round

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September 20, 2021

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18 Years Old

Minimum Age

2 years

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Job Description

CHEF de PARTIE SUMMARY: Come expose your craft in the beautiful mountains of Idaho! This is our busiest outlet producing the majority of culinary experiences for our guests. If you want an opportunity to grow your career in a fast-paced environment, check us out… This is a once in a lifetime place to work, come assist the Chef de Cuisine and Sous Chef’s with all their duties and expand your career.

• You have a sense of Maturity, Leadership and Ownership, providing solutions to daily kitchen challenges
• The ability to functionally multi-task with speed and grace
• You possess a functional understanding of the front and back of the house
• Prior experience in both front and back of the house positions
• You present initiative and ingenuity with minimal supervision.
• You maintain an optimistic and positive demeanor
• You readily assist other team members as needed.
• Take pride in being the final ‘inspector’, approving the plating before it is presented to the guest.

• Re-organize refrigerators, re-stock items up to par and reorganize section for next meal preparation.
• Supervise the general cleaning and proper handling of food leftovers after meal services.
• Make important and logical decisions relating to par levels for production.
• Set up daily mis-en-place.
• Assist in sample cooking of new dishes and establishing recipe standards.
• Assist Chef’s in food requisition to ensure sufficient inventory while minimizing waste.
• Ensure attractive placement of food items, show pieces etc… on display where required.
• Receive food checks, event orders and prepare them to specifications.
• Send for requisitioned items from storeroom, personally verifying both quantity and quality.

• High School Diploma or equivalent and a 2 Year Culinary Degree or commensurate experience, 7+ years in the culinary industry.
• Ability to read and prepare standardized recipes according to Chef’s specifications.
• Able to organize and prioritize daily par sheets and banquet BEO.
• A working understanding of proper food handling, equipment and utensils.
• Ability to cooperatively delegate work properly and in a fair manner, creating smooth operations in the kitchen.
• Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with fellow associates, supervisors, managers and staff, acting as an agent for maintaining a positive kitchen environment, being mindful of continual teamwork and relationship development.
• Must be able to quickly assess situations, determine priority, create a strategy and implement it.
• Superior multi-task abilities while maintaining a high level of organization remaining detail oriented.

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Primary Certification

ServeSafe Food Handler