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Camp Luggage Delivery Driver

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We are a seasonal trucking company dedicated to the summer camp industry. We ship children’s duffels and camp articles to and from summer camps all over the Northeastern US, including the Poconos and Adirondacks. Starting from our warehouse in the Lehigh Valley PA area, our employees will travel to customers' homes between Washington, DC and Boston MA to pick up campers' luggage. Teams will return to our warehouse to sort the luggage by camp, and will eventually deliver the luggage to the camps.

We offer 3 work sessions: June, July, and August. Our June session will begin around June 8th and typically lasts about 15 days. Our August session typically begins around Aug. 7th-9th and lasts about 10-15 days (we know most folks need to get back home in time to start their fall semester at college). We also have work available during the entire month of July, and can discuss scheduling for those who are interested. Employees have the option to work just one, two, or all three sessions depending on their availability.

Our vehicles are mostly 26' and 16' straight box trucks rented from Ryder or Penske. For drivers, a CDL is not required but is preferred. Driving training is provided for applicants with limited large-vehicle experience, and new employees are paired with returning drivers (if you're not sure about your qualifications, apply anyway! Our hiring manager will help you find the right role at Camp Trucking)

Drivers are paid a daily wage starting at $140 for drivers who are younger than 21, and $150 for drivers who are 21 or older, plus a $20 per day food allowance (the food allowance is tax free). Drivers will be paired with another employee, usually another driver, and will work as a team to complete their route for the day. Both drivers are given the opportunity for bonuses ranging from $35-75 per day per person. Drivers also earn cash tips from customers, which typically average $50-100 per day per person.

Camp Trucking provides hotel rooms for our employees and offers assistance for travel to our warehouse to receive training and begin the job.

Check us out at www.bestbackupjob.com for more info!