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Banquet Lead

320 Guest Ranch

Big Sky, Montana

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Job Status: Posted 11 months ago


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Job Type

18 Years Old

Minimum Age

2 years

Minimum Experience

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Banquet lead

Oversees the work of the banquet kitchen staff.
Takes orders from the Kitchen Manager.
Helps maintain a safe and sanitary kitchen cleaning up spills and other potential hazards immediately.
Assists with training of newly hired kitchen staff.
Follows standard recipes, &| follows BEO's to maintain consistency in banquet food.
Ensures that all standards of safety are strictly observed.
Monitors the quality of the banquet meal during the event.
Evaluates client satisfaction.
Looks for ways to save the facility money while still providing top quality products and services for clients.
Possesses the ability to handle any menu ranging from breakfast buffets to corporate lunch meetings with sandwiches to formal dinners with multi-course meals that are individually plated.
Travels to offsite areas in the event a banquet is catered at another location.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Must have the ability to multi-task while remaining focused on the goal.
Must have excellent verbal communication and leadership skills.
Be able to express creativity through food selections, preparation, and presentation.
Must be detail oriented.
Must have the ability to remain calm in high stress situations.
Be able to solve problems quickly under pressure.
Must have adequate upper body strength for heavy lifting and strong back and leg muscles for hours of standing, bending, and walking around.
Education and Experience

High school diploma or equivalent.
Degree from accredited culinary school.
Several years’ experience in the food industry, food production and supervision of kitchen staff.
Work Environment

Must be able to work in a hot kitchen, in fast paced environments, and in demanding situations.
Must be willing to begin work some days in the early morning hours and other times remain at work late into the night depending on the size and time of a particular banquet.
Must be able to work weekends and holidays as these are common times for banquets.
Must be able to handle heavy lifting, long hours of standing and other taxing physical activities.
Be prepared to quickly deal with injuries like cuts and burns that can result in busy kitchens even when safety guidelines are strictly observed.

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