Seasonal Work: What Is It and What Are the Types of Jobs

construction worker

Regardless of your job, work is essential to human life and has been a fundamental part of society for centuries. Applying your knowledge, skills, and expertise to the real world contributes to personal growth, skill development, and social interaction. It also allows you to contribute to your communities, pursue your passions, and impact the world meaningfully. 

While there’s nothing wrong with working as a full-time employee, it may not always turn out as expected because of the long working hours, little flexibility, and limited room for growth. Therefore, more people opt for seasonal work, which offers different advantages and opportunities to explore new skills and experiences. 

If you’re ready to grow while remaining flexible professionally, this article will define seasonal work and why people love it. We’ll also determine the best time to apply and enumerate the common types of seasonal jobs.

What Is Seasonal Work?

Seasonal work is a job that lasts only for a short time and happens at the same time every year. It helps companies handle high demand during busy seasons. Some seasonal jobs depend on weather patterns that impact consumer behavior and employment needs.

Why Do People Work Seasonally?

An individual might work seasonally to earn some extra money. For instance, someone with a part-time job may take up a seasonal position to earn additional income. Also, students on a break from their studies might find seasonal work appealing, allowing them to make money without committing to a full-time job.

When Is the Best Time to Apply for Seasonal Work?

If you’re looking for a seasonal job, we recommend starting your search for work and housing before the season begins. For example, if you want to work during the winter season, apply for jobs in the autumn.

You can also apply for a seasonal job at the beginning or during the season since some employees may leave midway, creating new job openings. Remember that it can happen at any point during the temporary employment period.

5 Types of Seasonal Works and Industries

Finding seasonal jobs can be daunting for anyone, mainly if you’re used to working full-time. We understand this situation, so here are the typical periodic works and industries you can consider.

1. Construction

The construction industry frequently depends on temporary or seasonal workers. Construction companies experience their highest workload during the spring and fall seasons, particularly in areas with intense summer conditions. Meanwhile, property owners require more heating contractors in colder regions, increasing demand for these employees during winter.

2. Food or Package Delivery

During the holiday season, some companies require additional assistance with delivery services. That’s because customers prefer to shop online rather than in-store due to the large crowds or to spend more time with their loved ones. Also, people do their Christmas shopping online, which can result in a higher demand for delivery staff at the company.

3. Retail

Retail stores hire seasonal sales associates in fall and winter due to increased customer demand. Jobs include store manager, cashier, shelf stocker, gift wrapper, a character in a haunted house, or Santa’s helper. Meanwhile, you can find summer jobs near attractions or stores specializing in summer merchandise.

4. Accounting

Tax season is a busy time for accounting firms, resulting in many seasonal employment opportunities. These jobs involve helping with tax preparation, organizing financial documents, and providing administrative support. Seasonal accounting jobs offer high pay, flexibility, and potential for full-time employment.

5. Tourism

Beaches and summer attractions get the most visitors during summer, while skiing areas and winter scenery opportunities get more guests in winter. Hotels and restaurants in tropical regions often require seasonal help, and teaching seasonal sports like surfing or ice skating is also possible.


Seasonal work is best known for offering flexibility while expanding a person’s skill sets and earning money. You can find the best position by starting your search for jobs and accommodation early and considering your needs and the weather. 

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